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We help Batswana stand a great chance of getting admissions into Chinese Universities and fully funded scholarships.

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Our team consists only of top achievers, excellent individuals who have remarkable academic accolades and achievements under their names and have all won different fully funded scholarships!


Our team will be in constant contact with all applicants through out each scholarship window to update on the process and get any further information required

Transition & Transformation

To ensure consumption and production that is based on intellectual capital there first have to be knowledge, skills and specialists, through Ithute Motswana we will try to get as many Batswana as we can scholarships.

Why Us

Every scholarship window, the Chinese Embassy in Botswana receives a large number of scholarship applications but they can only select between 40-60 meaning a lot of very good and academic excellent students miss out on receiving fully funded scholarship. Some miss out only because they failed to sell themselves well enough to make the cut. Now the difference with us is, even if we receive 40000 applications we are going to process them all to give everyone a chance.All our team members at some point won a fully funded scholarship from different organizations therefore we all know the do's and dont's of writing scholarship winning proposals and essays. So rest assured, we will revamp, polish and fine tune every application to portray each individual like the magnificent academic gurus they all are.

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